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Negro Leagues Lesson Plans
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Aftermath for the Freedom Seekers

Blogging Baseball

Celebrating 100 Years of Negro Leagues Baseball

The First “Colored World Series”

Folklore and Oral History

Integration and the "Barrier Breakers":
Black Baseball 1945-1960

The National Pastime, 1940-1950 (PBS Home Video)

Negro Leagues Baseball and the Law

Negro Leagues Baseball Card Project

Negro Leagues Baseball: Its Rise and Demise

Negro Leagues Baseball Vocabulary

Negro Leagues Scrapbook

The Negro Renaissance

Publishing History

Shadow Ball, 1930-1940 (PBS Home Video)


There Was Always Sun Shining Someplace:
Life in the Negro Baseball Leagues

They Were All Stars: An Introduction and
Overview of Negro Leagues Baseball

Women and the Negro Baseball Leagues

old baseball photos