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"Jap" Payne

Andrew H. Payne
Nickname: Jap

Career: 1902-1919
Positions: rf, lf, cf, 3b, 2b, ss
Teams: Philadelphia Giants (1902-1904), Cuban X-Giants (1903), Brooklyn Royal Giants (1906, 1914), Leland Giants (1907-1910), Chicago American Giants (1911-1913), Chicago Giants (1913), New York Lincoln Stars (1914), Chicago Union Giants (1917), Grand Central Terminal Red Caps (1918-1919), Pennsylvania Red Caps of New York (1919), Philadelphia Giants of New York (1920-1922)

A smart player and one of the better outfielders during the first two decades of the century, he was the right fielder on the great Leland Giants of 1910 and, in his fourth year with the team, was already an established veteran who could help a team in many ways. A complete ballplayer, he was a good, consistent hitter with above-average power, an excellent base stealer, and a proven fielder with a good arm. The media reported that there were "few better [at] cutting runners off at the plate."

He began his career with the Philadelphia Giants in 1902 and was with them in 1904 when they won their first championship. Sandwiched between these two years he played with the Cuban X-Giants, the dominant team of the century prior to losing their title to the Philadelphia Giants in the 1904 playoffs. In 1906 he was the left fielder and leadoff hitter for the Brooklyn Royal Giants before moving West to join the Leland Giants in 1907. After seven years in Chicago with Rube Foster's teams, he returned to New York in 1914 to play left field and bat lead off for the Lincoln Stars in their first season. With the Grand Central Terminal Red Caps of New York in 1918-1919, he played left field, batting cleanup the latter season. For the next three seasons he played with the Philadelphia Giants, the same name of the team that he started with twenty years earlier, but the team was now of much lesser quality

In 1953 a former teammate on the Leland Giants, John Henry Lloyd, selected him as the right fielder on his all-time team.

Source: James A. Riley, The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues, New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc., 1994.